Reforme Lab|Mentorship Program
Reforme Lab|Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

The time to start is now.

After finishing this course you’ll be confidently equipped with the knowledge and practical skills you need to start a fully functional practice. You’ll also receive a certificate of completion as a reflection of your commitment to acquiring the procedural skills and business acumen necessary to succeed in this rapidly expanding industry.

If you take the leap, you’ll be thankful for investing your time and energy to elevate your career, and for opening up a doorway to a new way of life as your own boss!


Even after receiving procedural and business training, you’ll likely come across new and confusing scenarios in your practice. The early stage of your injectable career can have you come across complex and unknown scenarios, so that’s why we offer our ongoing Mentorship Program.

What's Included:


In just a few years, Reforme Lab has established itself as one of the premiere injectable practices in the GTA. Nurse Deena Kubti’s business leadership and keen eye for medical aesthetics has attracted a high end clientele allowing for consistent business growth year over year.

When it comes to our philosophy towards injectables, we take an artistic approach, however, we always ensure that the foundational knowledge of anatomy and safety is emphasized and never overlooked or compromised.