Reforme Lab|FACIAL BAR
Reforme Lab|FACIAL BAR


Rediscover the luxury in facials with our customized and exclusive Facial Bar designed to recharge, revitalize and detox your skin.

Reforme Lab|FACIAL BAR
  • The All-Inclusive Facial
  • The Acne Detox Facial
  • Reforme & Recharge Facial (Summer Edition)
  • The Signature Big City Facial

Revive your skin and bring it back to its radiant glory with our renowned "All-Inclusive Facial." Whether it's been a while since your last facial or you simply crave that rejuvenating touch, this treatment has it all. We begin with a deep cleansing and exfoliation, followed by a gentle lactic peel to reveal a fresh complexion. Decongestion and rehydration are also part of the process, ensuring your skin returns to its optimal state. And to make it truly tailored to your needs, feel free to choose any add-on of your choice to customize this facial.


Say farewell to pesky acne with our powerful Acne Detox Facial. This specialized treatment leaves no stone unturned in your battle against blemishes. We kick-start the process with a deep cleanse and exfoliation, followed by meticulous manual extractions to address those stubborn spots. A salicylic peel further assists in clarifying your skin, while ice globed chirotherapy provides soothing relief for any inflammation or irritation. Our secret weapon, ZO's clearing masque, wraps up the treatment, leaving you with a clearer, smoother complexion.


When your skin is feeling lackluster, puffy, sunburned, or in need of post-treatment care, we have the ultimate prescription to bring it back to life. Our Reforme & Recharge Facial is a luxurious experience designed to address a range of concerns. Begin with a gentle cleanse and exfoliation, followed by a Vitamin C & E infusion to nourish and brighten your complexion. Experience the wonders of facial cupping and lymphatic facial drainage, which aid in revitalizing your skin's natural glow. To combat puffiness, cryotherapy is utilized, and for pure relaxation, enjoy a soothing shoulder, arms, and hand massage. Additionally, we stimulate your scalp for migraine relief and hair stimulation using a Radio frequency scalp comb. Finally, an Aloe Hydrating masque provides the perfect finishing touch. Indulge in this transformative experience for $180 each.


Escape the madness while revitalizing your skin with our exclusive Signature Big City Facial. Unbeknownst to many, urban living takes a toll on our skin, leading to premature aging and clogged pores. Our facial is specifically crafted to combat these effects, providing a sanctuary of relaxation and restoration for your skin. Begin with an invigorating Oxygen Deep pore & hydrating cleanse, followed by exfoliation and extraction to purify your complexion. Our Oxygen regenerative peel fights free radical damage, while a Vit C molding Mask and antioxidant Elixir infusion replenish your skin's vitality. To tighten pores, we incorporate a muscle stimulant microcurrent, leaving you with a revitalized, healthier-looking complexion.